Arcadia Analytics Engine (Arcengine) fails to start - "getpwnam(): name not found arcadia"

In rare cases when starting Arcadia Analytics Engine daemons for the first time, you may see an error like this:


And if you open the Role log you will see an additional error like this:

[Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/log/arcadia/arcengined.INFO'

The second error indicates there was an issue creating the standard log files for the Arcadia Analytics Engine service, which usually means the /var/log/arcadia directory did not get created during the activation process.

To fix this issue and get services to start, you will need to create the /var/log/arcadia directory on the problematic node(s) and chown the directory to arcadia:arcadia.

After you’ve created the directory and given the “arcadia” user ownership, you should “Start” the Arcadia Analytics Engine service again on the problematic node(s) and then services should be running properly.

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