Arcadia 4.3 is Now GA!

This release brings a some key enhancements:

  • Canvas - Use of canvas for rendering visuals which will make dynamic updates smoother and provide a more seamless experience to the user (this is noticeable when visualizing streaming / real-time data using for example KSQL).
  • KSQL - official GA support of Confluent KSQL 4.1
  • Python 3 - Visualization server python version has been upgraded from v2 to v3. Arcadia now ships with the required libraries and will bring greater stability and robustness
  • New visuals - area chart is now a new visual type, and enhancements have been made to network graphs
  • Security - enhancements that harden our security framework to detect SQL injections
  • AV Performance - optimized refreshing of large AVs on large tables.

Full Release notes:
Comprehensive release notes along with fully updated documentation site can be found here:

Please reach out to the Arcadia support team to schedule an upgrade.