Apply filter across 2 different tables with a common key

I’m a new user and I need to create a visualization sourced from multiple tables. I can create the individual visualizations easy enough. Viz1 is based on Table1. Viz2 is based on Table2. Etc.

There is a common identifier that links them, although the number of rows per uniq ID varies between tables.

How can I create the filter such that a filter applied to Viz1 also filters the rows in Viz2, and a filter applied in Viz2 also filters the rows in Viz1. I’ve read about parameters, and scope and more until I’m just completely turned around.

Joining the tables seemed a good idea at the time, but I can’t keep the records sufficiently distinct in the data model tool.

It seems like this should be straightforward.

@dhandelsman If the columns/identifiers have the same exact name you can just drag the column to the Filter shelf of the Visual and then it will recognize that it needs to filter itself even when a Filter widget from Table/Dataset 1. If the columns/identifiers are different names then you will have to use parameter syntax to write an expression that will intercept the column name from Table 1 and match to a field in Table 2.