App scope filters

Arcadia filters have a notion of scope which determines their default behavior and how they interact with visuals.

By default any filter placed on a dashboard has dataset scope - ie, it will filter visuals within the dashboard that come from the same dataset.

Sometimes we want to expand the scope of the filter across multiple dashboards that are within the same app - we call this “app scope”.

You can follow this doc to learn how to enable app scope on a particular dashboard filter:

Once enabled, in Edit mode of the dashboard the filter will appear with a grey triangle indicating that the filter is app scope.

And in normal view mode of app, filter selections are carried across all dashboards within the same app:


so if we enable once in any dashboard in this app, so we don’t need to put it again in other dashboard, right? in my dashboard now, I can see 3 filters with the same name.

I have removed all filter and create only one. Now it shows only one filter.

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@Stima_Livingpresent yes that’s correct. You just add it to one dashboard and it will automatically appear in all of them.