Analytical View on a Dataset formed by Joins

I need to source data from one fact table and 2 dimension tables from Hive.
I did following things.

  1. I accessed Arcadia BI portal and created one Arcadia Dataset with my Fact Table.
  2. In that dataset, I chose Edit Data Model and added 2 Dim Table with Left Join to my Fact Table.
  3. I added Primary and Foreign key constraints while joining the tables.
  4. The column from my Fact table is made Foreign Key and the column from the Dim table is made Primary Key.
  5. When I clicked on Show Data, I could see all the columns from Fact as well as Dim Table.
  6. I then created a Visual (simple table) from that data set and selected 4 columns from my Arcadia Dataset (which now contains Fact as well as Dim tables)
  7. When I chose Accelerate option for that visual so as to create an Analytical View from the Recommendation Manager, I got following error message.

This query contains joins. Please consider defining appropriate foreign key - primary key relationships in order to accelerate the query.

I also mentioned the Foreign Key and Primary Key constraint in Edit Data Model of that Dataset.
I also cross checked my constrains with the arcadia documentation and it is exactly like that.

I want to create an Analytical with from those 3 tables (1 Fact and 2 Dim) with Left Join.
Can some one please guide me addressing the error?

@HimanshuKakade are you joining the same dimension table twice by chance? You’re doing the correct steps here, but there are edge cases when this doesn’t work and you get the error that you mentioned.