Adjusting filter text box width below 200 px

How to adjust the filter width to less than 200 px in Arcadia Enterprise version 5.1.3? In version 4.4, we could adjust it to any value which was really helpful in formatting the overall filter panel. In the example below, I am trying to adjust the width to 150 but it is still taking the default value.


@taddwood @shaun

@sourav.ghoshray is it possible there’s some Custom CSS that’s being somewhere in the Filter or Dashboard that’s preventing the width of the filter to go smaller? I just tested it and switching the width works fine on 5.1.3. Are there any other details you can share?

@taddwood @shaun
I have rechecked the same - it is not being possible to set the filter width to less than 200 - not only in this dashboard but any other dashboard as well. There are no Custom CSS or Javascript in the dashboard as well.
Could you please assist?

@sourav.ghoshray if you would like to open a support ticket and attach the export of your Dashboard we can take a closer look at what might be happening.