Ability to hide a visual until a parameter is set

Hello folks!

Wondering if there’s a way to hide a visual (and of course, not let it execute a query behind the scenes) until a certain filter/parameter is set?
If not, do you have plans to include it in the next versions? Please? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!

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If you set a parameter without a default value (i.e. <<myparamname>> or <<myparamname:>>) it should not execute and load the Visual until a parameter is passed in or broadcasted within the dashboard.

Before parameter is broadcasted:




After parameter is broadcasted:


@fernie Also you should look into this feature:

It might be what you are looking for. It prevents any refreshes until the user is ready and clicks the “Refresh” button.

Awesome answers! Thank you guys for the support! :+1:t4: